The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

13 01 2009

graveyard-bookQuick confession time – I read fast.   And if a book grips me, I can stay awake for hours on end, barely moving, completely unaware of my surroundings.  [Fact:  My parents took me to a speech and hearing clinic when I was in elementary school because they thought I was a little deaf.  In reality, I was just too absorbed in whatever book I was reading.]  Most of the time this works out in my favor, but sometimes I read a book that I just wish I could linger over and savor.  The Graveyard Book is one of those books.

Neil Gaiman’s story of a boy raised in a graveyard is so incredibly wonderful, I wanted it to go on forever.  If I was stranded on some magical evil island after my plane crashed and I needed to escape from the stress of polar bears and whacked science experiments and creepy natives, well, this would be a fantastic story to crawl into for a little while – at least until the next ridiculously dramatic thing happened (or until a southern con artist with dimples I could freaking live in decided to take a swim…).  Each chapter is a bit separate, making the book a mix of a novel and short stories.  Gaiman’s prose is beautiful and lyrical, his ability to place the reader in a scene is astounding – just read the chapter “Danse Macabre.”  There is mystery and humor and heartache and just about everything I could want.  I just wish I’d been able to slow down and wander through the pages.




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