A Conversation with El & Lo In Which Little Sister Almost Kills Us

22 01 2009

Elizabeth: You know…that was the cutest picture I’ve ever seen…I may have to rethink my irrational fear of marmosets.Lauren: What are we going to do if Stephen Baldwin leaves the country???Elizabeth: Go with him.Lauren: Erm…hmm.Elizabeth: You know my motto has always been “Follow Stephen Baldwin.”Lauren: Oh. Uh, no. I didn’t know that.Elizabeth: I made you that “WWSBD” bracelet in 11th grade!Lauren: Oh that’s what that meant. [We’re apparently obsessed with the Baldwin brothers.  Hmmm]Elizabeth: Umm…so I showed my sister the picture of the monkeys, and her reaction was:“Stupid finger monkeys, I want punch them in their stupid finger monkey faces. Punch, punch, punch, stupid finger monkeys.”I may die from laughing.Lauren: I am dying from laughing.Finger monkeys?!Wow.But, to be fair, Elizabeth: There were also punching motions.Lauren: I’m pretty sure her fist would be just the right size to punch the finger monkeys. Like, they wouldn’t be too big. [My sister is very short]




2 responses

22 01 2009

Those things are hideous. I hate them so much. They just look like they would escape from their cages, crawl under your covers and bite you all over while you sleep. Your sister should punch them.

5 02 2009

They look like the gremlin in that episode of The Simpsons. You know the one, he’s on the side of the bus, then he’s on the wing of the plane, then stupid Flanders hits him with his Geo and gets out and wraps him in a blanket and the gremlin tries to scratch his stupid Flanders eyes out. But I would still own them.

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