Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

2 02 2009

godsWhen I was at the library on Saturday, I decided I need something light and fun to balance all of the heavy books I’ve been reading (and have coming up to read).  Which is why I was super stoked to see Marie Phillips’ Gods Behaving Badly sitting on the shelf.  This is one of those books that has been making the blog review rounds, almost all of which were positive.  I stood there reading the first couple of pages and knew this was the book to give my brain a little breather.

So, basically, all of the Greek gods of myth were real and are actually still alive, living in a rundown London house.  Their close quarters and decline in powers has left them absolutely fed up with one another – but unable to really do anything about it.  A practical joke ends up bringing a couple of mortals into their midst, hilarity and problems ensue.  While this premise has been used before, Phillips is still able to breathe some life into it.  The mortals are quite possibly the most adorable couple ever, the gods are arrogant and hilarious and the story sorts itself out very nicely.  It’s a quick, engrossing read, and a perfect little weekend getaway.




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