Music Notes from El & Lo

18 02 2009


Lauren: I generally don’t like Paul Simon.But I really like Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard.Elizabeth: I like the You can call me Al songMainly for the videoLauren: Chevy Chase makes everything better.I like Cecelia too. Elizabeth: Yeah, I actually do like Paul SimonI like my rock a little softer and infused with folkLauren: Those are about the only songs I really dig on by him.Elizabeth: Do you like him with the Garfunkel?Lauren: I generally do not like my rock a little softer, and USUALLY (with some notable exceptions) I try to keep folk out of it.Not really.Actually, I fucking detest Bridge Over Troubled Water.I hate that song like I hate American Pie.Elizabeth: But, what about that awesome recording I did of it and gave to you for your birthday last year?Lauren: Oh.Um.I mean…that was great….Elizabeth: I know it wasI made itSo, you really just hate the Simon and Garfunkel versionwhich I guess is fair, they didn’t do a rap in the middleLauren: SO TRUE.Because THAT was AWESOME.Elizabeth: Just call me MC Scat Cat!Lauren: YOU did that song with Paula Abdul!?Elizabeth: Oh, no! I just modeled my rappin’ skillz on him!





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