Why Did You Think We Call Him Big Easy?

18 02 2009
Fact: This picture is from Google Images and is titled "Irish Baby"

Fact: This picture is from Google Images and is titled "Irish Baby"

Elizabeth: I’m pretty sure if you have booze on hand, everyone will be happy. Lauren: Don’t I always? My baby is a drunk.Elizabeth: True…I just don’t like bringing it up. Are we going to have a baby drunk intervention?Lauren: I guess we should. Right?Elizabeth: I don’t know…is the drinking ruining his life and the lives of his loved ones? Has he killed anyone yet? Is he a baby? I’m pretty sure if the answer is yes to any of these, then some sort of intervention or rehab is necessary.Lauren: Oh no! He IS a baby!Elizabeth: Crap…we totally need to intervene. I’ll call A&E. Lauren: Arts & Entertainment?Elizabeth: They have the show “Intervention” that documents…interventions. Lauren: Oh. I would know that if I had cable. Elizabeth: True.

Lauren’s son, Big Easy, was learning how to walk around this time.  Anyone who has spent any time around a kid at that stage knows how hilarious they look stumbling around like El after last call (one of the many reasons flats are necessary when drinking). Lo is a good mom and does not get her child intoxicated.  Please don’t call CPS.



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