Just Call Us Stacy & Clinton!

5 03 2009

So much rage

It took all of my self control to not punch my monitor while searching for this image

Lauren: There is something very important that we need to discuss. It’s the influx of “drop-crotch” or “Hammer” pants.Elizabeth: UGHARGHACKACKACKLauren: It must be stopped!Immediately! I’ve seen on several fashion blogs these usually adorable fashionistas WEARING THESE THINGS IN PUBLIC.And I’m pretty sure none of them lost a bet.They wore them ON PURPOSE.Elizabeth: Here’s the thingHow are those comfortableI can’t stand it when my tights start to sag just a littleI can’t imagine enjoying the feeling of an extra yard of fabric wadded all up in my business all day longLauren: I KNOW.Elizabeth: ALSONOT FLATTERINGPhysically or MENTALLYBecause by wearing them, you’re letting everyone know you’re a tardmatronLauren: I KNOW.Elizabeth: And I don’t like perfect strangers knowing I’m rereLauren: I am prone to/fond of wearing stupid things. But those cross the fucking LINE.Elizabeth: I get leggingsI’m not over fond, especially when they are worn in lieu of pantsbut, they make sensedropcrotch does notI don’t want to wear anything that sounds like an awful sexually transmitted medical conditionLauren: HA!Well-said.Elizabeth: thank youLauren: It just…makes me so sad.Elizabeth: Hmmm, I feel no sorrow – only…RAGE




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