Magic Hat’s Wacko – One Pretty Beer

6 08 2009
Yep, that's an Alice In Wonderland glass.  Lo gives rad Hannukah gifts!

Yep, that's an Alice In Wonderland glass. Lo gives rad Hannukah gifts!

I have a feeling that I’ve discussed my unwavering affection for a certain bourbon commonly referred to as Beam (and uncommonly referred to as “Poppa B” — though I’m going to work on that). Now, as much as I love Poppa B (see?), he and I can’t really hang out all the time. At least, not as long as I want to remain employed and housed. For the times I feel like drinking without getting wastey, I turn to wine and beer. Winters I tend to favor nice red wines, but summer is all about the beer. And, wouldn’t you know it, Magic Hat has created my new favorite beer ever in the world. Because not only does the beer make my taste buds cheer with joy, IT IS PRETTY.

Wacko  is made with beet juice which gives it a beautiful color and surprising taste. What starts out as a light, crisp beer finishes with a heavier earthy taste that fades into an absolutely delightful sweetness. It has enough hops that you know you’re actually drinking beer, but the beets balance it so the bitter isn’t overwhelming. It doesn’t sit heavy, so when you’re outside sweating, you can still drink enough to get a little Stumbelina. So, if you’re looking for a little refreshment this summer, find a grocery store that carries Magic Hat’s Wacko.  I recommend drinking it while reading Jitterbug Perfume, Tom Robbins’ ode to Pan, immortality, and beets.  And make sure you pour it into a glass at some point to admire the pink foam and lovely red color. Because on a hot day, a little pretty goes a long way.




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