A Chat with El & Lo – Hindsight really is 20/20

27 08 2009

I wonder if this is his murderin' face

Lauren: In other (not so) shocking news, rapper C Murder has been found guilty of, uh, murder.
Elizabeth: I bet his mother is regretting giving him that name now
Lauren: I bet so too.
She should have named him C Jewelery Store Robber.
Elizabeth: Or C Financial Success Through Legal Means
Lauren: Or C Accounting
Elizabeth: C Veterinarian
C Upper Level Management
C State Legislator
C Independent Bookstore Owner
C Commercial Pilot
Lauren: All of these would have been better names than C Murder.
But at least his name wasn’t Ivan.
Elizabeth: well, that would be ridiculous
Lauren: Certainly. But it would also have led him to a life of crime, according to some studies.

[UPDATE:  Because, seriously, we find ourselves endlessly hilarious, this is what happened after I posted earlier today – El]

Lauren:  That is, I believe, C-Murder’s murderin’ face.
I’d say let’s ask his murder victims, but, well, you know.
C Commercial Pilot.
Elizabeth: C Small Business Owner
Lauren: HA.
C Administrative Assistant.
Elizabeth: heh
Lauren: C Temp.
Elizabeth: C File Clerk
Lauren: C Underwriter.
Elizabeth: C IT Consultant
C Medical Transcriptionist
C X-Ray Tech
Lauren: C Machine Operator
C Wedding Singer
Elizabeth: HA
C Graphic Designer
Lauren: C Special Needs Teacher
Elizabeth: hahaha
C Principal
(or, more correctly, C PrinciPAL)
Lauren: YES.
Elizabeth: C Lunch Lady
Elizabeth: [stabstabstab]
Down in Luuuunch Laaaaadyyyyy Laaaaaaaaaaaand




One response

27 08 2009

HAHAHAHAHAHA! We are so fucking funny. I totally lizzed all over.

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