Lo Does Booze: Strongbow Cider

27 10 2009

Deeeeeelightful. Though not, unfortunately, Dee Lite-ful.

OH MAN. I always have mixed feelings about getting older because on the one hand, I’m a grown up, and that’s rad because I can have cake for dinner. But with great power comes great responsibility. This notion makes me uncomfortable sometimes. So I threw that notion out the friggin’ window on Saturday night, as a few friends and I celebrated my 28th year on this planet (a few days early) at a local watering hole that is reallllllllly fond of the Beatles. I don’t mind the Beatles, but there’s only so many times I can hear Hey Jude without wanting to pull my hair out. Luckily, my significant other informed me that our friend Phil would be bartending that evening in the upstairs part of the bar, which is like your friend’s awesome bonus room, except way bigger and with multiple pool tables. And Phil has awesome taste in music soooo…yay me! (I’m talking Christmas in Hollis here, and he even let his wife put on some Lady Gaga just for us!)

As it had been awhile since I’d had the pleasure of going out with friends, I was torn as to what I wanted. Phil generously offered Jim Beam, but seeing as that delightful concoction of bourbon and Coke gets me either hungover or pregnant, I decided to stick with beer. BUT OH SO MANY BEERS. This is a British pub, or, as close as you can get to one in the Capital of the Confederacy, so the options are all pretty decent. Maybe I’d go easy with some Yuengling. “Wait, no, that’s bullshit,” thought I to myself – it WAS my birthday celebration after all. “Mayhaps a yummy Harp!” I’m Irish, seems easy enough. But I wasn’t feeeeeeeeeeling the Harp. Boddington’s? Overrated.  So Phil suggested a cider I’d never heard of since I never leave the house – Strongbow. Um, yeah. It was fucking delicious. You know how Woodchuck is good, but after 1 or 2 you feel like you’ve been drinking carbonated apple juice because it’s SO SWEET? Yeah, this is the opposite of that. It was the perfect amount of sweet, almost like a beer, but with just enough apple-y flavor to call it a cider. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something a leeeetle different. Plus, as Holly, Phil’s lovely wife, suggested you can mix it with Harp for a Snakebite and that shit will get you duh-runk. All in all it was a really fun night, even though I did still have a killer hangover the next day (I blame that on the Orange Crush I do not remember taking). And without further ado, here are some photos documenting the fun!


Egon and me, being all waste-y like. According to her, that's my "RuPaul" face. I was not offended.


Scoots is a real Ladies Man. He needs to preserve his reputation.


Okay. Less be rull surrius ferra minnit...


As Joe Pesci said in My Cousin Vinny: THAT'S THE CASE CRACKER, RIGHT THERE!


Fonzie thumb!!


Last call...HOO BOY.




3 responses

28 10 2009

Congrats on the big 28 and your first Strongbow. It’s about time! I usually heckle any cider drinkers (bring me the BEER. Drinking cider may as well be like drinking a winecooler in my mind…girly to the max!) but since it’s your birthday, I will refrain.

28 on the 28th…my grandmother calls it the ‘golden birthday’. My grandmother may not know what she is talking about, but she likes to drink, too, so I thought I’d share 😉 Happy Birthday!

30 10 2009

StrongBow is AMAZING. There is an Irish pub nearby and everytime I go I get StrongBow. I can’t resist the stuff.

And Happy Birthday!

8 11 2009
Miss Egon

It was do damn fun that I got and ear infection on account of all the shin-digging… Truth! Haha. XOXOXOXOOX

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