It Was No Werewolf Bar Mitzvah…

2 11 2009

…but  my Halloween was still a lot of fun. Big Easy and I traveled 3 hours south west [shudder] to our friends’ Emily and Bryan’s house for festivities. These two fools just got married in June and are already expecting their first baby (!!!), AND it was Emily’s birthday (we’d almost be twins were it not for the glaring differences in our appearence and if we were, you know, related). They live in a cute little neighborhood in delightful (and surprisingly delicious – there is a restaurant that serves only grilled cheese sandwiches!) Roanoke, VA, so it was a perfect place to take Big Easy out and maybe even dress up a little ourselves.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a weekend without some drinking for me. Continuing on the beer kick, I tried both Rogue Dead Guy Ale (which I just realized is a stupid hippie beer) and Shock Top Belgian White (not a stupid hippie beer). The Dead Guy, while seasonally appropriate (if you could separate the fact you’re drinking a beer named after the Grateful Dead), was a little dry for my taste. It was good, but I had 2 and it was more than enough for me. I like a little hoppy flavor in my beer, but this was a little out of control (OOC, if you will). It was tolerable, and I wouldn’t turn it down if offered, but I probably won’t buy it myself. Now, the Shock Top? I kind of want to marry it. It is deeeeeeeelicious. It had yummy citrus hints that weren’t overpowering, and it was totally refreshing, but not in a girl-drink-drunk sort of way. I highly recommend it.

So while I didn’t spend my Halloween like those in my past (read: plastered beyond belief), we did manage to have a blast. And when Emily and I took Big Easy trick or treating, we totally got compliments on our costumes too. Enjoy this brief photo gallery, documenting our weekend.


Big Easy was Optimus Prime.

dead – get it?!?! STFU, I thought it hilarious.)”]IMG_1845

Here's what Halloween is now - me getting drunk on baby brains, instead of bourbon.


Here's Magnum PI (the moustache is real, ya'll) and a Chola from East LA.


And here's Halloween from the past. I'm Courtney Love and that is a (fake) rat.




One response

3 11 2009

Glad you are finally coming around to trying some good beers 😉 (Though I like the Rogue hippie beers….)Happy Halloween!! Love the pics!

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