If We Took a Holiday (oh yeah, oh yeah)…

15 11 2009

…took some time to celebrate (come on, let’s celebrate)…Oh, hey, what’s up? Didn’t see you there. Ahem. SO. It’s the holidays, aka My (second) Favorite Time of Year Since I Don’t Work in Retail Anymore. One of my favorite hobbies this time of year is sitting on my ass on Saturday and Sunday mornings and watching the Food Network’s barrage of holiday-related shows while covered in my own drool and thinking of all the amazing things I could be making (but then remember that it’s a lot fewer calories just watching Tyler Florence create THE MOST EFFING DELICIOUS LOOKING THANKSGIVING MEAL I HAVE EVER SEEN [Sorry Dad].) The way we do things in my family is Big Easy, Sig Ot, and I go up to their house for Thanksgiving and then they come here for Christmas. It’s nice because I don’t have to worry about cooking 2 meals, and neither do they. (Sig Ot would beg to differ because every year I have a meltdown on Xmas morning before the Fam arrives FOR NO GOOD REASON other than IT IS ALWAYS MY P-ROD [Sorry Dad.].)


Madonna is always seasonally appropriate in MY house.

Thanksgiving is always a traditional affair, which is nice because you know what to expect: amazing Dad-made turkey, glazed carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes (from a box!), apple pie. Just within the past couple of years, I’ve gotten them to venture out into the wonderful world of pumpkin, so we’ve had some pretty amazing pumpkin pies, and last year I made these chocolate pumpkin pie bars that if you haven’t made yet, GET ON IT! So simple, and a huge hit. But this year, I want to mix it up again by making a pumpkin cheesecake. My parents seem to fear change, so it was quite a shock when my usually “I only like plain cheesecake” mother called to tell me she had [gasp] TRIED pumpkin cheesecake. Srsly. My jaw had hit the floor and I passed out for a few seconds. Little did she know, I’d already been poking around on ye olde innernetz for a decent looking recipe. I have it narrowed down, but if anyone can suggest one they really love, PLEASE feel free to tell me. My sister hates cheesecake of any sort, but whatever. She also wears Uggs. In public. On purpose. Clearly, she is not of sound mind. (But I’ll probably wind up bringing up some cupcakes anyway JUST FOR HER.)



Now, I like to mix shit up. So when I host Xmas, I like to try new things. (Though my sister has threatened to murder me in my sleep if I miss out on making green bean casserole, so I always make that.) The first two years I hosted, I stuck with turkey (the second year I made it, it was totally undercooked and we had to nuke it and I almost had a nervous breakdown). Last year though…HOO BOY. I went all out because I had a craving for Beef Wellington. And MAN, was it ever fucking delicious. That, to me, is the cream of the crop of meat dishes, even with pate! Which, I know, ew! gross! liver! But with the mushrooms and the pastry and the tenderloin and I’m about to short-circuit my computer because of all the drool. It’s not an inexpensive dish to make, but SO WORTH IT. And it’s easy. Certainly easier than cheesecake. ANYWAY. I haven’t decided what I’m going to make this year, so I want all ya’ll maaaafaaaaaaas in the heezy to tell me what awesome recipes you have in YOUR arsenal. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to watch this, one of my favorite Xmas song EVER.




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