El and Lo Talk “Celebrity” Fashion for a Sec.

1 12 2009

Save it for Harry Hamlin, indeed! Thanks, celebritysmackblog.com!

Lo: Wrap your mind around THIS [you have to click the link to get the joke]:

El: ugh, I just saw that

My love for Lisa Rinna does not extend to approving of that

Someone needs to pull her aside and say, “Madam! You are no Cher!”

Lo: And also, “Madam! We do not care if you wax or are au naturale!”

And also, “Madam! We care nothing for your vag!”

El: “Madam! Save it for Harry Hamlin!”

[Which – come to think of it – is now my life motto]

Lo: [Interesting.]

El: I think, instead of telling people that they need to get the fuck over themselves, I’ll just tell them to save it for Harry Hamlin.  I will also host Chastity Balls with the same theme


See? Only Cher can get away with such crotchtacular ensembles!




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