Paula Deen Would Be Proud…

6 12 2009

These look nothing like the ones Dorie made. Like, not even a little bit.

So this week, El had to come down to ye olde capitol  of the Confederacy for some sort of conference where she learned stuff about things. And also hung out with me! Thursday she came over for some NBC Thursday night, which, if you aren’t on top of right now, you are missing out on everything that is amazing with the world. Friday she came over and I made some food for some ladies and we drank a little (one of us drank more than the other and it wasn’t the one who had to take a test on the things she learned about stuff the next morning). Saturday we lazed about and I decided, after El bought me dinner, that I needed to bake something. Since El was my guest (and my brain was completely shut down after said imbibing), I let her pick. She specified something with “coconut” and eventually decided on Dorie Greenspan’s Chunky Blondies. This lovely lady to whom I am linking seemed to have the same issues I did – it needed at least 5 minutes longer in the oven, but I, unlike her, am very lazy. So I didn’t even take the goddamn things out of the pan. I mean, come on. It’s a Pyrex 9″x13″ WITH A LID. It’s a lazy person’s dream. So they didn’t make a mess when I tried to turn them out because I never did that. But El pointed out that they are verrrrrrry buttery. Like, greasy. BUT. They’re still delicious and easy peasy. Of course, I left out the nuts, but kept in the coconut. Oh, but I should point out that they were much better the next day. They had time to…uh…solidify more? I don’t know. I think maybe next time I’ll leave out about 1/2 stick of butter…even though Paula Deen probably heard that through the internet and is weeping in Savannah.

Butter, ya'll!




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