Shit That Lo Likes

8 12 2009

Martha has Good Things. Oprah has Favorite Things. The Wonders have That Thing You Do. I have Shit That I Like. This isn’t necessarily a food post. It’s just a bunch of crap that I am really digging on today. Normally I spend my days filled with bile and vitriol, but in lieu of current events (i.e. The Holidays) I’m trying to be more positive. This is the best I can do. So here they are, in no particular order.

If you haven’t seen any of the videos this guy does, you’re a jackass.

Yes, I’m totally serious. Levi Johnston is the Dennis the Menace to Sarah Palin’s Mr. Wilson. Plus, he’s not a homophobe!

He may have never seen a gay in Wasilla before, but that won't stop him from being an icon!!

This site. Because OMG, 2/2/10!!!!!!!

You're welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

Because I cannot, in good conscience, dislike this woman.

El lent me this book and I am just loving it.

Shockingly, I liked Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette as well, despite Kirsten Dunst, who I definitely dislike.

This is no shocker.


And, finally, duh.

To clarify, that is my spitting image. From the lady to the bed. I am not making that up. Ahem.




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