A Convo With El & Lo: Sometimes We Kinda Work

9 12 2009

I! Am! Your singing telegram! BAM!

Lauren: Okay, I’m back,
and with fresh breath!
Elizabeth: I’m chewing gum!
So my breath is also fresh!
Like my rhymes!
Lauren: So true!
I need to call people about their past due accounts, but I really do not feel like it.
Elizabeth: You should start sending them singing telegrams
Lauren: Singing telegrams!
Elizabeth: You know – the old “We’re In The Money” song
but with lyrics changed to “You owe us money”
Lauren: Why don’t you come here and do my job?
come down here and work as my singing telegram?
Elizabeth: What’s the pay like?
Lauren: Um…
how do you feel about stale muffins and hot coffee?
Elizabeth: Pretty good
Lauren: Then you will be very rich, madame.
Elizabeth: Sweet ass
Lauren: Indeed.
Okay, now I have to go call about our money.
I’ll use your tactics and let you know how it goes.
Elizabeth: luck!
Lauren: Thanks!

[Here’s the real reason for this post.  Maaaan, Thursdays on NBC consistently make us lizz all over the place.  As Salt ‘n’ Pepa would say – Get up on this!]

Vodpod videos no longer available.




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