Deeeeeck the Halls With Booze and Cookies!

14 12 2009

FalalalalaLALALALA! Hey! How ya doin’? Are you excited about the holidays? WE ARE! We are SO excited, in fact, that this past Saturday El hosted a little shindig at Kona’s house wherein we exchanged cookies, ate food, played Rock Band, and drank booooooze! Specifically, this booze:

The best part is the evil orange, riddled with cloves! EVIIIIIL!

I don’t remember what it’s called, something about wassel? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask El. Maybe she’ll post the recipe. Maybe she’ll punch you in the throat. It depends on what kind of mood she’s in. Anyway, everyone made some really, REALLY delicious cookies. Some were chocolatey and minty, some were chocolatey and cherry-y, some were white chocolate macadamia [drool]. I decided on one of my new favorite classics, Dorie Greenspan’s Midnight Crackles, wherein I just upped the amount of cinnamon and cloves (note: next time, I’ll make the same changes this person did – they could use a touch of vanilla). They got everyone’s approval, including my dad’s, even though he was not invited to the festivities due to the fact that he is almost a senior citizen and also a dude. (Hi dad!) El not only made the yummy Wassel-ish punch/cider, but also some yummy Hanukkah-themed mini cupcakes (the buttercream was to-die-for) AND snickerdoodle blossoms which were UH-MAY-ZING. After we ate hors d’oeuvre and cookies and properly exchanged what we were there to exchange, the REAL fun began when we got just a teeny bit tipsy and we rocked out on Rock Band. I learned that even though I am hopeless as a drummer, my destiny in life is to sing Ballroom Blitz. Anyway, I highly recommend doing something similar because it’s always nice to get together with your buddies and get drunk. The cookies just give you a good excuse.

A SMORGASBORD! Without, you know, sandwiches. Though I guess you could MAKE sandwiches out of the cookies...

Midnight Crackles. Not to be confused with me, the Midnight Rider.

Cranberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Shockingly, I really liked these despite my fruit + chocolate aversion. Bravissimo!


White chocolate macadamia, all pretty and packaged. Note that mine came in a giant Tupperware. Gangsta, son.

This is what we think we looked like. Our band name? Crucial Taunt. I was BORN in Kowloon Bay!!




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15 12 2009

I’m envious of your festivities!

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