Lo’s Epic Fail and Win Weekend

24 01 2010

It was more of a train wreck cake, in an Amy Winehouse sort of way. Minus the street drugs.

People. I have been over this before. I. Hate. Decorating. Hate. It. But when The Greek’s mom (hi, Carol!) gave her a train cake pan specifically for Big Easy’s birthday, I was all, “Pfft. That doesn’t look too difficult, even for me!” Then I made the fucking thing. I followed the directions, played by the rules. But nope. The goddamn things wouldn’t bake all the way through. They weren’t a total lost cause though, and I would be feeding them to children who are generally not very picky when it comes to things filled with sugar and topped with more multicolored sugar and sugar sprinkles. So I sat down to decorate. I’m not sure who coined the phrase, “Fuck that noise,” but I would like to pat him or her on the back. It was SO TEDIOUS and I have no patience especially when planning for a 3 year old’s birthday party, and said 3 year old is acting like he just drank 4 Red Bulls and did a bunch of speed and isn’t wearing pants. So I did what any good mother would do and said FUCKIT and made another batch of vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Made the frosting blue, and BAM! The kids loved ’em.

Preeeeeeeetty in piiiiiiiink...iiiiisn't sheeeeeeeeee.....

Now, the weekend wasn’t a total fail! Remember a long, long time ago when I was complaining about not having a good yellow cake recipe because Billy’s Vanilla always failed me? WELL. My adorable coworker commissioned me to make cupcakes for her granddaughter to bring to school for her 8th birthday. I debated over what to make because I had to make 30 and somehow always seem to fuck up recipes when I double them unless specific instructions are there. The only recipe I knew of that made at least 30 was Billy’s Vanilla, but I didn’t want to fuck up the kid’s birthday cupcakes! But decided, after drinking some coffee (which I never drink), that I would try it anyway. I found the recipe on Martha, dyed it pink, and prayed to Jeebus that it would be okay. And whattaya know?? THEY TOTALLY DID. I was beyond butt-stoked. I used Billy’s Chocolate Buttercream to top ’em off (holy shit, that makes a ton of frosting. I frosted 36 and have enough to probably do another dozen) and put a little silver dealie on top of each because I fucking wanted to. THAT is decorating I can do. Not frost a bunch of tiny edible trains. So, I guess I traded one fail in for a win. If only that would happen to my bank account…




One response

28 02 2010

Its a shame that the train cakes did not come out as planned but the cupcakes
look vert tasty!

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