Interred With Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell

9 02 2010

Wow, I have been super absent around here.  I’m blaming all the freaking snow – it’s kind of suffocated my will to live.  That is until I hit a wicked awesome reading streak – 4 super good books in a row and it’s showing no sign of stopping (like winter, ugh).  Here’s the first one I finished…

I don’t drive all that much, I live about a block away from my office and walk to work most days.  So I kind of get excited about an out of town trip, because those uninterrupted hours in the car alone give me the perfect opportunity to listen to an audiobook – reading and driving at the same time!!  Now, I know there a lot of audiobook haters out there, Lo being one of them, and I get it.  For a long time, I couldn’t do it, they’d put me to sleep – which is definitely a negative while driving – and I have some listening comprehension issues, so even if I stayed awake, I wouldn’t be able to follow what was going on.  Then it just clicked for me one day, and I finally got why everyone was so stoked for audiobooks.

Because there are fundamental differences between listening and reading (uh-der), choosing a good audiobook is very different than picking out a good book.  I prefer fast paced, action heavy audiobooks – they’re better at keeping my attention and make a more exciting listening experience.  And the narrator makes a huuuuuge difference – there have been books I’ve picked up simply because I like the reader.  I recommend avoiding books by Nicholas Sparks or Kristin Hannah if you’re a crier – sobbing hysterically while driving is not good.  And I generally don’t pick up a more “literary” type book – for me, the beauty of the writing is lost on audio.

Which brings me to Interred With Their Bones – the Mary Poppins of audiobooks, it is practically perfect in every way.  It follows Kate, a Shakespeare scholar and director of Hamlet in the newly rebuilt Globe Theater.  Shortly before the show is set to open, her old mentor, Roz, shows up with a package and the promise of adventure.  Before Kate can find out much more, Roz is murdered, the Globe is burned down, and Kate is thrown into a journey she didn’t want to take.  The action goes from London to the States and Kate finds herself chasing down one of Shakespeare’s lost plays as well as the playwright’s true identity – all while trying to not get murdered.  The story is super fast paced, but because Carrell is actually a Shakespeare scholar herself, incredibly well-researched and believable.  I mean, this book was so exciting that it kept me awake and alert while driving back from Richmond at the end of the LONGEST DAY EVER.  And Kathleen McNenny, the narrator, is FANTASTIC – her character voices were great, she did accents well (except for Mexican…that was just weird sounding), and her tone and pace were very listenable. All in all, highly recommended to anyone who likes audiobooks, or even if you’re thinking about giving them a try, this would be a good starting point.




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7 04 2010
Jennifer Lee Carrell

The “Mary Poppins” of audiobooks! I’ll have to find some way to reference that. Meanwhile, wanted to let you and your readers know that my new thriller, HAUNT ME STILL, comes out in the States on April 15, 2010.

Come on over to my website and learn more:

Or, you can find me on facebook:

Meanwhile, many thanks: though lots of the credit goes to the marvelous Kathleen McNenny!

8 04 2010

Ooh, thanks for the heads up! I’ve put my request in at the library and can’t wait for a new Kate & Ben adventure!

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