I Still Can’t Figure Out How Things Work.

21 03 2010

So…yeah. I bought this pretty new laptop with my tax return, had it for 1 week and my son destroyed the keyboard. I’ve ordered 2 different ones and  neither of them fit. The old keyboard is still functional, but it’s as fucked up as Lindsey Lohan’s career. So until I  get a new keyboard my posting will be relegated to short ones like this. And I still can’t get my camera to upload. I feel like Charlie Brown. ::sigh:: Anyway. It was nice this weekend, so here are some things that I did and saw.


*Not my burgers. Mine look way more crunk.




*Not the actual baby I saw. Though he was this pissed most of the time...

Cupcakes with this new frosting recipe

This image is courtesy of the fantastic http://zencupcake.com/.

This, of course.

I don't know if I love the Dutch more for their prostitutes or their Amstel!!

And this awesomeness that El turned me on to and now I am obsessed. OB.SESSED.

So that’s it for now. Expect a book review from me in the near future. It’ll relate to Charles Manson! A book for everyone! Huzzah!




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