El Is Making a Promise She’s Pretty Sure She Can Keep…

22 03 2010

Also, how lovely is this image? You can find more of the artist's work by clicking on the picture.

I’m really bad with commitment.  I’ve actually written about 8 different starts to this post because even discussing commitment makes me suuuuper uncomfortable and is a topic I’d much rather avoid.  For goodness sake, my apartment is on a month to month lease, and even thinking about that leaves me a little itchy.  But, the truth is, I know I need to start working on some of these issues if I’m ever going to be a functioning adult (or so some people tell me).  So, baby steps, I’m going to sign up for a reading challenge.

Reading challenges are something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now – even since before we started this blog.  Basically, the host choses a topic – anything from genre to author’s birthplace – and sets the goal.  I’ve seen some that involve reading 100 books in a year, or one book for every letter in the alphabet, or one library book a month – things like that.  Sometimes there are mini-challenges, contests, or giveaways, but really the point is to get a group of people reading.

I’ve decided to sign up for the Once Upon A Time challenge.  First, because it just began and goes through the end of June – so it isn’t too long.  Second, well, because it should be pretty easy for me, and I’m lazy like that.  I’m going to go for “Quest The First” which entails reading 5 books that could be considered fantasy, folklore, fairy tales or mythology.  Seeing as I’ve recently finished the first books in two separate fantasy series that I’m totally stoked about (Percy Jackson and The Age Of Misrule), I shouldn’t have any issues.  Of course, this is a challenge, so I’m hoping to do a bit more than that, but I don’t like failing, so I had to hedge my bets somehow.

So, I’m letting y’all know about this to hopefully keep me honest and motivated.  I’m probably not going to write full reviews for all the books I read for this challenge – but I will keep an updated list.  And there will be plenty of non-fantasy books read for those of you who get irrationally angry when books are too “weird.”  And if anyone has any suggestions – please let me know – my rough plan for now is to read the remaining 4 Percy Jackson books, the second and third Age of Misrule books, the Fionovar Tapestry (3 books) by Guy Gavriel Kay and something by Ursula K. LeGuin because I’ve never read anything by her and that makes me feel guilty.  We’ll see how it goes…




4 responses

23 03 2010

DON’T FAIL! (I’m a good motivator.)

23 03 2010
Shellie - Layers of Thought

Just wanted to say hi and good luck with the challenge…
What a cute name and theme for a blog – Love it!

23 03 2010

Thanks Shellie!

1 04 2010

Ha. I was reading this and thinking how much this challenge made me want to punch somebody, but you already knew. You already knew.

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