Springtime for El and Lo! Or, Lo Makes Lemon Lime Bars for El’s B-Day.

4 04 2010

I really suck at food photography. Oh well.

I had grand plans this past weekend. For some reason, our company has Good Friday off, so I thought I’d be slick and take off (good?) Thursday to make a delightful 4-day weekend. I’d clean and organize on Thursday and part of Friday morning, then my friend would come over and we’d day-drink mimosas and grill some burgers. Did I also mention that my parents were taking Big Easy for a few days? HALE YAY-ASSS! Then on Thursday morning I woke up and felt like death. Full disclosure: I fucking hate the doctor. FUCKING. HATE. I never go except for my annual lady-business check up. If I’m sick, I just wait it out til I’m either half-dead or fully recovered. Or, at least, I did this for years until last year when I waited 3 days to go and it turned out I had strep. 2 days of antibiotics and I felt SO MUCH BETTER. So this time, I wasn’t fucking around. Woke up, felt horrible (a little strep-y, as a matter of fact), dragged my ass into the urgent care clinic (no, I don’t have a GP – GET OFF MY BACK), they told me I was negatory on both strep and mono (MONO!) and sent me home with antibiotics. Next day? I woke up feeling decidedly less deathy. I was still pissed because I wasn’t caught up to my mental cleaning list, but I still got to drink mimosas with my friend, albeit at night. But it was still nice out!

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, El’s birthday is verra soon and I wanted to make something for her since I’d be up in her area on Saturday to retrieve my son. I had my heart set on that Lemon Sugared Snack cake I made that one time but as it turns out, the only trip I managed to make to Kroger (because of my debilitating illness) was to purchase orange juice and champagne (side rant: apparently, Andre champagne’s prices have been HIJACKED lately. I’m talking $6.58 for a bottle! On SALE! That’s ridiculous!! It used to be less than $5 on sale! Times they are a-changin’…) and I was totally out of sugar (I KNOW!). So when it came down to making a delightful springtime birthday treat for El, my options were limited. I turned to Google for help and found this Martha Stewart recipe for lemon bars. LEMON BARS! And it uses sweetened condensed milk, of which I have many cans in my cabinet for no apparent reason! Huzzah!

Martha says that approximately 3 lemons will equal 3/4 cup of lemon juice. Maybe I just have incredibly weak hands, but I needed more than 3 lemons to make that much juice. This led to a minor freak out because I only had 3 lemons. But! I also had 3 limes! So I decided to make some slight changes to Martha’s well-reviewed recipe and added lime juice til I got 3/4 cup of LIMON juice (remember those old Sprite commercials?). I also added zest to the crust and to the filling. It was noted by both my father and by El herself that some coconut would be delightful too. Well, I had considered putting it in, but didn’t want to fuck around with a recipe I had never tried before. SO BACK OFF. But, you know, next time, I think I may top it off with some coconut. So have fun with this recipe, it’s suuuuuuuuuper easy and perfect for spring and perfect for people who love citrus AND for sickly people who can’t go to Kroger except to buy alcohol. The End!




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5 04 2010

Dude. I have been craving the crap out of some lemon bars as of late. Putting this on my to-do list. yum!

8 04 2010

Happy bidet, El.

8 04 2010


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