Procrastination Wins Again

14 04 2010


So, I’m getting ready to go down to New Orleans to see my uncle get married.  Of course, I’ve left everything until the last possible minute because that’s what sensible responsible people do.  I wanted to do a post about the Percy Jackson books, but I’ve run out of time, so that’ll go up when I get back.   But!  The reason for this is to let everyone know (or remind everyone) that it is NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK!  As if that wasn’t rad enough, the honorary chair this year is none other than one of the coolest MFers on this planet, Neil Gaiman.  You can go here to listen to his NPR interview about how much he loves libraries if you want to get your nerd on.  And then you can go to his website and watch some of his readings.  And then you can go to the library (see what I did there?) and check out his audiobooks, or his book-books, or his graphic novels, or a movie based on his book, or his children’s books, or his poetry.  Or you can go to the library and look for something else – I’m not the boss of you.




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14 04 2010

Got my vote….

14 04 2010
Tracy Ramone

I am a regular at my library and I was there yesterday! Also Neil Gaiman is active on and I am a “librarian” on the site and he responded to a post I had on one of his blogs by telling me I had good taste in reading materials – I almost died – squee!

14 04 2010

Ooh, I am very jealous!! Luuuuucky.

14 04 2010

We procrastinate a lot….remember that cartoon US Acres? It came on with Garfield on Saturday mornings? And there was that episode where they kept talking about procrastination? But every time they said it, someone would say “You can’t talk about that here! It’s a children’s show!” HAHAHAHAHWHOOOO!

25 04 2010

I had completely forgotten about that cartoon until just now. Thank you, Delaney, thank you.

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